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Journal quilt 2007

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Dorcas in frameKate & Friends -- new pattern is readycircle spinningGoing Around in Circles, Again Click on the spinning circle.

Family Gathering Tree Family Gathering Tree QuiltElephant AnimationElephants Around

Ella's quilt top Ella's silk quilt top c. 1900 Indigo top 1885Indigo utility top c. 1885

Spencer's quilt My first quilt for Spencer log thumbnail Log Cabin in the Snow

We the People quiltWe the People quilt

help quilt Trapped by the food chain quilt AOL top AOL Quilt Top

Featherweight Block Featherweight block Barbara Bush and the celebration quilt Mrs. Bush and the celebration quilt


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Christine with We the People quilt
This is the We the People quilt, finished September 6, 2002.

It was displayed in Lyon, France in the summer of 2006 as part of the "Culture of My Country" exhibit

FAMILY MATTERS and this and that: Click on one of these to see Family Gathering Tree Quilt project or Eight Romine brothers or My Daddy and me or or Easter on the island 2003 or New Kitchen -- January 8, 2003 or Davis and Toni's wedding January 25,2002 or Our house or My Favta or Little Joey or My cousin Bill or Our July Gatherings 1988 -- 2008 or These pages are for family and friends so be forewarned they take forever to load because they are all photos.


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